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Dumont CPR Team


Krystal has been educating and instructing since 2004. Her start in first aid, safety and education began in aquatics with the Lifesaving Society and Red Cross as a safety swim instructor.  In 2009 she graduated from Centennial College as a Primary Care Paramedic (A-EMCA). Since 2012 she has been instructing first aid and CPR programs. Krystal is a natural leader, a dynamic speaker, and engaging educator. Teaching and educating her students is a big part of her life, and she derives great satisfaction helping others find within themselves the ability to do something they never thought possible. Krystal has worked on editing and revising first aid manuals, consulting workplace first aid equipment, and mentoring other instructors. When she is not in the classroom, much of her time is spent volunteering, traveling, gardening, painting, hiking, and soap making.

Krystal Dumont, Dumont CPR


Jordan has spent 12 years working as a Primary Care Paramedic (A-EMCA) with Toronto EMS and later Durham Region EMS. He graduated from the Primary Care Paramedic program at Centennial College in 2006. His clinical experience places him in a unique position to offer practical and realistic training, especially to other health care professionals. He is an enthusiastic educator with insight and practical clinical experience. Jordan is a natural consultant and writer. He has reviewed and revised first aid manuals as well as policies and emergency evacuation plans. Jordan is an outdoor enthusiast, who enjoys exploring the woods, and hiking mountain summits.

Jordan Dumont, Dumont CPR